Tankless / On Demand Water Heating

Endless Hot Water with up to 50% Energy Savings for a Green Oregon.

Here at Forbes Plumbing, we know that tankless water heaters can add comfort to your home, insure that you do not run out of hot water and save precious space as well as fuel cost.

Why you need a tankless water heater.

  1. Endless Hot Water! - 250 gallons an hour.   Since there is no tank to fill, there is no end to your supply of hot water.
  2. Safe Temperature - All units are factory set at 122°F, offering a safe and steady temperature with computer controlled precision.
  3. Up to 50% Energy Savings - Tankless water heaters instantly heats only the water you need rather than keeping a whole tank-full of hot water.
  4. Up to 90% Space Savings vs. traditional tank water heaters. There is no storage tank, so there is no need for a large space for the heater.
  5. Warranties up to 7 years depending on the model.


                 $899 Gas Water Heater with Installation 

Get a top rated 40 Gallon Bradford White Energy Saver water heater installed today for only $899.  This includes the following:

*  Bradford White 40 Gal Water Heater.
*  New Shut of Valve.
*  New Flex Water Connectors.
*  Earthquake Straps.
*  Pressure Relief Valve Plumbing.
*  New Gas Flex Connector.
*  Permits.
*  Removal of Old Water Heater.
*  6 year factory warranty, 1 year labor.
*  Typical Installation Included.
*  Haul away your old water heater.

We have many other models and sizes to choose from.  Give us a call and we'll make sure we fit you with the best heater for your needs.

This is everything needed for a typical installation.  Compare this price with anyone, we can't be beat.  If you have a non typical installation please let our friendly customer service team know.  Non typical installations are water heaters that are difficult to get to.  Such as attic or confined space installations that may require 2 or more people to install.


 Eliminate Cold Showers for as Little as $299.00
Click here for a detailed brochure.

The Problem:
It may not happen every day, but it always seems to happen at the worst possible time. We’re talking about a "cold shower".

There are a number of expensive solutions such as adding a 2nd hot water heater or a larger model. At Forbes Plumbing we recommend a safe and economical solution which can nearly double the amount of hot water without the need to replace your existing water heater.

The Solution:
Forbes Plumbing can install a hot water tempering valve directly to your water heater.  The valve automatically meters the temperature of the hot water leaving your water heater and mixes it with cold water.  This will allow us to turn your water heater thermostat up then set the tempering valve at the traditional 120 degrees. Water at the tap will be at a safe temperature protecting you and your family from scalding water temperatures and at the same time nearly double the hot water. 

How Much Will it Cost?
Adding the tempering valve at the time of a new water heater installation would run $299.00* for parts and labor. If you would like to upgrade your existing system the cost would be $399.95*.



 *The costs above reflect a typical installation.  Additional charges may apply if the water heater is in a confined area or you have a high water usage home.  Other factors may apply as well.  Your technician will advise you if additional charges may apply.  If you do not currently have an expansion tank installed on your water heater we will provide one for you at a minimal additional cost.

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