Forbes Plumbing water line excavation services

Water Line Replacement

Your main water line is essential. It directs all the water that you use into your home. While this pipe can last many years, it won’t last forever. Depending on how damaged your water line is and where it’s located, we have different options to repair or replace it. If you’re looking for a dedicated company that specializes in water line replacement, turn to Forbes Plumbing. Our team will replace your water line without even digging up your yard!

Signs You Need Your Water Line Replaced

Not sure if you need a water line replacement? Here are some common indicators it’s time to call Forbes Plumbing. 

  • Wet, soggy spots in your yard
  • Low water pressure
  • Frequent clogs throughout your home
  • Your water bill has increased without any change in your water use
  • Discolored water

Water Line Repair Methods

At Forbes Plumbing, we can perform your water line repairs a few different ways. The method that’s most ideal for your home will depend on your unique layout and situation. 

Main Line Excavation

Main line excavation is the “old way of doing things”. This process involves using a backhoe to cut a trench, allowing the pipe to be exposed for inspection. Once the water line is repaired or replaced, the trench is backfilled. At Forbes Plumbing, we replace sewer lines, water lines, and gas/LP lines without digging everything up and ruining your landscape. 

Trenchless Water Line Repair

At Forbes Plumbing, we also offer trenchless excavation for water line replacements. This process can usually be done in a matter of hours and doesn’t destroy your landscaping. 

  • Directional Drilling: directional drilling is a minimal impact method of installing underground utility services such as water pipe, sewer pipe, electrical conduit, cables, or any type of underground utility that previously required digging a trench.

Water Line Replacement Services

Your water line is responsible for bringing fresh water to your home so you can cook, bathe, and clean. Over time, your water line may crack or break from tree roots or corrosion, impacting the quality of your water. 

If you’re experiencing discolored water, soggy spots in your lawn, low water pressure, or any other signs indicating your water line is damaged, contact Forbes Plumbing. We’ve been serving the Salem OR and Dallas OR area since 1972.