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Kitchen and bathroom plumbing systems get a lot of use and occasionally require some extra attention. Whether it’s your sink, toilet, or garbage disposal that needs repair, we’ll get the job done safely and correctly.

We’ve been providing exceptional plumbing repair services to the Portland OR and Wilsonville OR area since 1972! Our repairs include everything from leaky faucets to toilet repairs. 

Signs You Need Plumbing Repairs

  • Slow drains: before a drain becomes fully clogged, it will start to drain slowly. 
  • Water pressure issues: if your faucets or showerheads have weak water pressure, they may need cleaning or replacing. 
  • Higher than usual water bills: if you have an unexplained rise in your water bill, you may have a water leak or dripping faucet. 
  • Mold: if you notice mold or stains on your walls or in your cupboards, chances are you have a leak. 
  • Leaky pipes: leaky pipes will cause water damage and lead to an increase in your water bill. 
  • Running toilet: several factors could cause a running toilet including a broken valve.
  • Hot water issues: if you’re not getting enough hot water or not hot water at all, there may be an issue with your hot water heater. 
  • Garbage disposal issues: whether your garbage disposal is jammed or leaking, you shouldn’t neglect it. This can result in clogs later. 

Toilet Repair

Toilets are essential to every home so when your toilet is acting up, having a reliable plumber is crucial. Whether you’re dealing with a leaky toilet, a running toilet, clogs, or a toilet that isn’t flushing, contact us. We’ll inspect your plumbing problem and fix it quickly, saving you time and money from costly replacements later. 

Plumbing Repairs in Portland OR

From your toilets to your sinks, you count on your plumbing fixtures to function efficiently all day, every day so when problems arise, it can be a big inconvenience. 

Whether you’re dealing with a running toilet or malfunctioning garbage disposal, you can count on the plumbers at Forbes Plumbing to make things right. We’ve been serving the Portland OR and Wilsonville OR area since 1972. Our licensed plumbing contractors provide reliable and efficient plumbing repairs. Schedule service today!