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Gas Water Heaters

Nothing’s worse than hopping in the shower first thing in the morning, just to discover that there’s no hot water! At Forbes Plumbing, we know how important warm water is to your daily routine. Water heaters are an essential part of your home, so it’s important to have a unit you can depend on.

Gas Water Heaters vs Electric Water Heaters

When installing a new water heater, you will be faced with an important decision: will you use a gas water heater, or an electric one? In order to make an educated choice, it’s important to know the differences between the two options. Here are the main differences between gas and electric water heaters:

  • Heating method: The most notable difference between gas and electric water heaters is right in their name – one is powered using gas, and the other runs on electricity.
  • Heating time: When it comes to water heaters, the amount of time it takes to warm the water is pretty important. Since gas water heaters use flames, they tend to heat up faster than electric units that rely on heating elements.
  • Utility bills: Because electric water heaters run on electricity, they can lead to a higher monthly utility bill than gas units. For this reason, gas water heaters can cost less to operate over time.
  • Power outages: In the wet climate of the Pacific Northwest, we are no stranger to storm-related outages. While gas water heaters can continue working even without power, electric units will not be able to function during outages.
  • Installation: Though gas water heaters offer many benefits, they are more challenging to install than electric options. Therefore, the initial cost to purchase and install a gas water heater may be higher.

Gas Water Heater Repair

Your water heater works hard every day to deliver warm water all throughout your home. As with any frequently used appliance, some parts could wear down or begin malfunctioning. Identifying problems early can help you keep your gas water heater in good shape. Here are some signs that your gas water heater needs repairs:

  • You notice signs of rust or corrosion.
  • The water is discolored or cold.
  • You hear strange noises from your tank.
  • The tank is leaking water.
  • Water pressure is low or water isn’t running.

If you notice any of these signs, it could mean that your gas water heater needs repairs. Thankfully, a professional like those at Forbes Plumbing can help you fix your water heater quickly and efficiently. Our experts can diagnose the root cause of the problem to build a lasting solution, so your water heater can continue to function for years to come.

Gas Water Heater Installation & Repair

Whether you are looking to install a new gas water heater or you need repairs for your current unit, turn to the experts at Forbes Plumbing! Serving the greater Portland and Salem-Keizer areas since 1972, our experienced technicians are prepared to meet all of your gas water heater needs. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment!